Providing I.T. services to Small Businesses in Phoenix and Valley area for over a decade.



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From a small shop to large multisite business, we have technical solutions to fit your needs.  We understand that sometimes simplicity is what you want or need instead of jumping into the next big wave of technology you don’t understand that just complicates business and lowers productivity.  Not everyone is computer or tech savvy and it’s hard to trust that one employee that says he can fix computers too instead of his daily responsibilities you hired them for and chancing your business network to failure.

Think of us as YOUR own I.T. department.  Want to upgrade the technology in your business, call us and let us sit in to consult at your next meeting.  Even if the solutions available are not one that we provide, we will work with any vendor or other tech company to apply the solutions to your business properly.

We want to be the glue that holds your I.T. together.  Buying a laptop or tech gadget from the store and don’t what to pick?  Contact us first to make sure it will fit your needs.  We’ve seen many times a loss of money on technology from purchasing products that from the marketing seems like a good fit, but later find out it won’t do what you wanted or work with your current system.

Your network is the central nervous system of your business.  All communications, business processes and business applications are network dependent.  We can help you respond to changing business requirements, implement complex IT network service upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations, and improve your network availability and overall performance.  All while managing costs and reducing risks commonly associated with network design and infrastructure changes.